Fidelity/Crime Liability Coverage

The development by Brownyard arose out of the belief that the vast majority of security officers that protect our country were honest. This belief was based on 35 years of insuring private security officers, which clearly showed them to be as honest and probably more honest than any other profession. Armed with this knowledge and experience, Brownyard Programs was able to convince a major insurance company to write a First and Third Party Fidelity Program for the Private Security Industry.

Basic Coverage

  • Crime Insurance Policy providing both first and third party coverage against employee dishonesty losses. (Form A) Please note that the policy does not contain a conviction clause.

Optional Coverages

  • Forgery or Alteration Coverage (Form B)
  • Computer Fraud/Wire Transfer (Form F)
  • Money Orders, Counterfeit Currency & Credit Card Forgery (Form Z)
  • ERISA Employee Dishonesty (Form A)


  • The minimum deductible is $5,000 and the deductible increases as the bond limit increases.


  • Minimum limit: $100,000; Maximum limit: $10,000,000 (Separate higher limits from the basic policy limit can be provided for specific jobs.)


  • Premiums are based on the number of employees and the premium is guaranteed for 3 years regardless of any increase in the number of employees over the 3 year period.

Insurance Company

  • Our exclusive insurance company partner is rated A (Excellent) Class XII ($1 Billion to $1.25 Billion) in Best’s Key Rating Guide.